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A small metroidvania game made for GBJAM8. Game mainly focused around exploration, heavily inspired by Metroid II : Return of Samus. 

In this game you play as an unhatched egg, trying to find power-ups to help you defend yourself. Currently you cannot win the game, nor save, but checkpoints are available. A total of 5 goo-expasions and 7 health-expasions can be found (12 in total, see if you can find them all). 

Controls : 

Arrow keys - movement

Z - Jump 

X - Shoot goo

Shift - Switch between large goo / small goo

Press down while in air to dash downward to drop goo stuck on ceiling / can also be used to move faster to  avoid enemies.

Player can only shoot goo upwards, the goo falls of off the ceiling after a certain amount of time or use dash to make it drop immediately.

Controller support also available (Set for Xbox controller)

D-pad - Movement

A - Jump

B - Shoot goo

Select = Switch between large goo / small goo.

NOTE : Please report any bugs that you find. Doe to unexpected events, I had to stop a day early in making this game, so unfortunately I didn't have enough time to test everything, nor make a goal / ending. All in all, the game should still be playable.


Unhatched.exe 15 MB


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nice gam,e but I was falling thourgh all kinds of gaps in the floors and thourgh unexpected fake walls.
so I was confused on where I even was.

would have been cool if I could see myself move in the wall so i dont randomly have to mash up down left right hoping to get out somewhere.

now am stuck in probably the lowest area where I just cant jump high enough to get back up to the higher areas.


Hey and thanks for playing! 

I made the game for a jam, so time was short and I had to stop working on it s bit unexpectedly, so the game certainly is lacking  in many ways. 

At least some of the fake walls are there on purpose, but as there is no map, it really is like a maze and it is easy to get lost. And as there currently isn't any way to win the game, exploration doesn't really pay off. 

I do have ideas on improving the game and I'm planning to continue working on this project in the future, so do check it out again sometime! 

Great start, can't wait to see this game evolve!

Thanks! I'll probably update the game some time after the GBJAM ends.