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A game made for Spring 2D Jam 2021. 

Jam's theme was spring + growth.

In this game you control a bucket (named Bucky) and your goal is to keep the plants hydrated.  You get points for spraying the flowers with water. If your water runs out, stand near one of the pipes near the center, and wait for the shower to refill you water meter, but be careful, the sun is shining and the flowers need water all the time!

As the game progresses, even more flowers will grow and the sun also keeps on getting hotter and hotter!

If you lose a flower, a heart may appear, which heals all lost plants when grabbed.

A rain cloud may also appear somewhere on the ground, hurry up and grab it!          It fills your water meter and hydrates all flowers and also gives extra points!

If you lose three or more flowers, the game is over.

Available as .zip and .exe files, use which ever you like.

Arrow keys control the bucket and space bar sprays water.

Have fun, and try to get a high score!


Sweat & Hydration.zip 10 MB
Sweat & Hydration.exe 22 MB

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