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A small maze game, where you control a spirit named Sightless, who has lost his eyes. You wake up in a haunted castle. Your eyes have been gouged out and you're only equipped with a bell and your ears. Your bell's loud noise echoes around you as you ring it. 

Stay close to the walls to feel them and use the bell to navigate the narrow corridors. Stay on guard, as danger lurks in the complete darkness. Use your remaining senses to find the key to escape. Who knows, maybe you can even find your missing eyes as you stumble around the castle


  - Use the bell to briefly "see" (hear) your surroundings

  - Find the key to pen the door and escape

  - Try to find your lost eyes hidden in the castle

  - If you're hurt, look around for a medkit


Controls :

WASD or Arrow keys to move 

Space = use bell


Blind Echo.exe 16 MB

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